Patient Education

It can be scary not knowing anything about the treatments or procedures you’ll be receiving. Even adults can experience some trepidation when faced with a procedure they don’t know much about. That’s why OK Kids Dental makes patient education a central part of our practice. Patients who are knowledgeable about their oral health care and hygiene have a better relationship with their dental visits. 

The Importance Of Patient Education In Pediatric Dentistry

Being a kid can be tough. The whole world is new to them, and all too often, they’re being dragged from one experience to the next. Things that seem commonplace and routine to our adult eye can seem overwhelming and intimidating to them. Medical care, especially dental treatments, is a significant source of anxiety for younger patients. That’s why we are committed to dedicating the time to explain the treatments we’re going to provide to our patients. 

Another benefit of ensuring that our patients are educated on their oral health is it drives good oral hygiene practices at home. They feel empowered not only by the knowledge that they receive but by understanding the impact of those few minutes in front of the mirror. Parents benefit from patient education as well. Parents who understand the treatments that we offer are better prepared to make informed decisions about their child’s dental care.

Children who understand the importance of dental care often:

  • Exhibit less anxiety about dental visits
  • Maintain better oral hygiene practices at home
  • Develop fewer dental cavities throughout their life
  • Are less susceptible to gum disease

Patient education is always an ongoing practice at OC Kids Dental. As your child ages, their dental needs are going to change. In addition, their ability to understand the underlying details of their care is going to grow. This makes it essential that our education process continues throughout their development.

This increased understanding will help ensure that they maintain good dental health. Retaining good dental health is particularly important during the developmental years. Missing teeth can impact the development of your child’s oral cavity. Baby teeth help the jaw form properly and ensure that the adult teeth come in in the proper alignment. 

In addition to providing education about the services we provide, we also provide information about proper oral hygiene. We can help teach your child how to brush their teeth properly, use floss, and generally take care of their teeth. This will help establish a foundation for you to build on between visits.

Call To Arrange A Visit to OC Kids Dental

Educating your children about their dental care can begin before their first visit. You can reach out to our dental clinic to arrange an introductory visit. During this visit, we’ll introduce you and your child to the facility, our staff, and the equipment that we’ll use to care for them. This will ensure that they start off knowing that their questions will be answered, and their inquisitiveness is welcome. We’ll also provide you with resources to get accurate and useful information about dental care for parents.

We know how and health below. important it is to keep your children’s health. Learn more about oral procedure.

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