Restorative Dentistry

Our office, at OC Kids Dental, has state of the art diagnostic and dental treatment technology to ensure accuracy and early detection of dental caries. Dr. Cima and her associates take a very nurturing approach towards addressing the restorative needs of their patients and have a very gentle touch when having to restore those carious teeth.

Dental Fillings

When considering tooth fillings, one of the options available are composite fillings which are made from durable plastics that are similar in color to natural teeth. Because the composite fillings are tooth-colored, they look more natural and are less noticeable compared to other types of fillings.


Another benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that they are compatible with sealants allowing your child’s dentist to perform both procedures in a single sitting preventing further decay. There are other advantages to composite, tooth-colored fillings, most importantly the capability of bonding to tooth structure. Also in many cases they can be repaired by addition of more composite material. Speak with Dr. Cima Mazar-Atabaki to find out which kind of filling is best for your child. If you live in or around Aliso Viejo, call or schedule an appointment today.


Dental crowns are used to restore dental function and aesthetics when a tooth has been damaged due to physical trauma or decay. Crowns can be used at any age, including during childhood. Pediatric dental crowns are made to reproduce the size, shape, and durability of the natural tooth. They may be fabricated out of metal for durability or tooth-colored composite for an inconspicuously natural appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child is a candidate for a pediatric dental crown in Aliso Viejo?
Pediatric crowns are generally used for one of 2 reasons:
* To preserve a severely damaged or decayed tooth that is unable to support a filling
* As a preventative against future decay among children considered high risk for cavities

If you believe your child to have a severely decayed tooth or to be at risk for future decay, schedule an appointment with your Aliso Viejo pediatric dentist Dr. Cima Mazar-Atabaki for a consultation.

How should my child care for his or her crown?
Though a crown can protect the tooth surface from future decay, proper oral hygiene is still necessary to prevent inflammation of the gingiva around the crown and to also prevent caries on other teeth in the mouth. Children with dental crowns should avoid chewing very sticky or hard foods, such as caramel candies or ice. Eventually, pediatric dental crowns will fall out with the primary tooth when permanent adult teeth come in.


Pulp Therapy (for baby teeth)

The pulp of a tooth is the inner, central core of the tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves. Dental caries (cavities) and trauma to the tooth are the primary reasons for children to undergo pulp therapy.


Your child may need pulp therapy if he/she has

  • Tooth pain from badly decayed teeth, the decay has reached the nerve
  • Trauma to the teeth
  • A broken tooth with nerve exposure

The main purpose of pulp therapy is that the tooth is not lost. Primary teeth are needed for chewing and speaking and serve as space savers for permanent teeth. Without the primary teeth to guide them, existing neighboring teeth can crowd in, causing permanent teeth to grow in crooked or tilted.

The two forms of pulp therapy for children’s teeth are: vital pulp therapy for primary teeth (pulpotomy) and non-vital pulp therapy for primary teeth (pulpectomy).


A dental extraction is a procedure where a dentist or an oral surgeon removes a tooth from the mouth.

The most common causes for tooth extraction are:

  • A baby tooth that fails to exfoliate before the replacing adult tooth comes in
  • A tooth that is unrestorable due to a cavity that is too deep or a trauma that has damaged the tooth’s structure
  • A tooth that needs to be extracted for orthodontic purposes

Rest assured that prior to any procedure our dentists will make sure you understand why an extraction is recommended and what the procedure entails.

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