We’re dedicated to helping families grow and thrive with lasting oral health. We accomplish this by providing preventative care services that help prevent the onset of decay. But there’s more to providing excellent care than the treatment themselves.

  • Active Listening In Addressing Patient Concerns – Every family is different and has different concerns. We listen to yours and help you find solutions that fit in with your vision for your family.
  • Patient Education And Empowerment – We want our patients to be active and engaged with their care. We welcome questions about our service and the treatments we provide. As your child ages, their knowledge of dental health will play a key role in maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  • Access To Necessary Dental Care – Financial concerns can often place a barrier between patients and the dental care they need. We help coordinate with your insurance providers and provide payment plans that can help you get the care you need.
  • Engagement With Our Community – We believe that we don’t just provide services for the Aliso Viejo community; we’re a part of it. To this end, we engage with local organizations and educators to ensure that oral hygiene remains an essential part of public education.

These standards of care ensure that our patients are involved in their care and are able to make the most effective decisions for their oral health.

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