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If your child loves is active and loves participating in sports, you may know the risks that can be posed to their oral health. OC Kids Dental is here to help you be proactive in protecting your children’s smiles from injury on the field. We provide mouthguards in a variety of styles and shapes that will absorb the force of impacts, falls, and other accidents. If you’re ready to get your child fitted with a mouthguard, come see us in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Why We Provide Mouthguards As Protection From Injury

Mouth protectors are an important part of any sports safety gear. Formed out of soft plastic, these appliances can provide varying degrees of protection depending on the style you choose. In addition to protecting against dental injury, they also protect the soft tissues of the oral cavity. The tongue, cheeks, and lips can all be injured by the same impacts that put the teeth at risk.

These appliances can also be found under the name athletic mouth protectors or sports guards. They’re an essential element in your child’s sporting gear or for those engaging in other recreational activities that put their teeth at risk. They are designed to snugly fit over the upper teeth and provide protection to the entire oral region.  

The three classifications of mouthguard are as follows:

  • Stock Guards – These guards are available from most sporting goods stores. They come in different sizes but are otherwise in a ‘one design fits all’ category. As a result, they provide the least amount of protection and are often uncomfortable for the wearer.
  • Boil And Bite Guards – This style of guard is a common choice for those on a budget. These guards are made of a form of plastic that becomes malleable when heated in boiling water. Once softened, your child will bite down into the guard and hold it there until it cools. The result is a mouthguard closely fitted to your child’s bite that can be reshaped if necessary.
  • Custom Guards – This style of guard provides the highest degree of protection thanks to being custom fitted to the individual. The creation process allows them to rely on high-quality, resilient plastics that will retain their shape indefinitely. These guards are the most comfortable and deliver the best protection of all options.

There are also specialty guards that cover both the upper and lower teeth and a form made for addressing bruxism. This condition involves subconscious grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping.

Contact Our Office To Get Advice On Selecting A Mouthguard

Mouthguards are an important consideration for any family that has children involved in sports or other physical activities. Those participating in sports such as football which consistently put the child’s head in contact with other players are in particular need. There are numerous types of appliances available, so call Dr. Cima Mazar-Atabaki’s pediatric dental offices in ALISO VIEJO for more information or to schedule an appointment and find out what type of mouthguard is best for your child.

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